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Bunya Mountains and District AmCom Inc.
15 Bunya Street
Dalby, QLD 4405

ABN: 76 237 395 986
Club Callsign: VK4BAD

Club Repeaters VHF Repeater on top of the Bunya Moutains: 146.675 Mhz. / 600 kHz negative offset. Callsign VK4RET. 91.5 Hz access tone required.
UHF Repeater: 438.7 Mhz. Negative Offset. 91.5 Hz Access Tone. Callsign VK4RET
VHF Repeater in Dalby: 147.250 Mhz. / 600 kHz. positive offset. Callsign VK4RED
UHF CB Channel 7 repeater coming soon.

Be part of our club Want to join us ? Its simple. Just fill out an application form, and email our secretary Neil Holmes (VK4NF)

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