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The Bunya Mountains and District AmCom Inc. ("The Club") is a local non for profit organization in South-East Queensland, Australia, dedicated to the interest of Amateur Radio.

Bunya Mountains and District AmCom Inc.
15 Bunya Street
Dalby, QLD 4405

ABN: 76 237 395 986

Club Callsign: VK4BAD

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This site might provide frequencies and operating modes of various services inside and outside the amateur radio bands in Australia.  It its the users responsibility to obtain an appropriate license for these frequencies and education themselfs about the frequencies he is allowed to receive and/or transmit under this license. Possession and/or operation of a scanner may be illegal in your area. It is illegal to operate on frequencies you are not authorized for. It is also dangerous and you might put others people lifes at risk.

This site may include news articles, blogs, or other media for academic purposes. Any inaccurate information gleaned from these sources is the fault and responsibility of the parent source.    

Due to the nature of this hobby, many projects listed may involve electronics or electrical components.  It is not the responsibility of the webmaster, the club, or any members of the Bunya Mountains and District AmCom Inc. to ensure your safety. 

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