Amateur Radio, Communications & Electronics in the 21st Century

Welcome to the official website of the Bunya Mountains and District Amateur Radio Club, Inc. .
We are about 30 amateur radio enthusiasts from the greater Dalby & Wide Bay Burnett area. Activities are many, such as UHF / VHF (both SSB DX'ing and FM), HF DX'ing, local chat on our great repeaters on top of the Bunya mountains, Scouts, excursions, camps and much more.
Feel free to browse around and explore. And enjoy the hobby ! We hope to hear you on the air soon. Please note: By using this website you agree with our legal notices.

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The hobby of Amateur Radio has a long and proud tradition. The very first radio amateurs were true pioneers of radio technology. Amateurs 'invented' and refined much of the early radio technology and were the first to transmit music, radio plays, and information to the handful of people who had the new fangled radio receivers.

After World War II the hobby of amateur radio flourished. Radio clubs sprang up in schools all over the world and kids went home each night to build some new contraption, or have a chat with someone over the wireless. These young people became the mainstay of the technical professions and developed much of the modern technology we use today.